Hydrotec offers specialized services in the fields of drainage and sanitation of buildings. We work using treatments targeted directly at the source of your problems in order to provide lasting solutions.

Our treatments are the fruit of many years of research and we are proud to be able to give a long-term guarantee for our solutions.

Solution against rising damp and saltpetre

Rising damp coming from the ground degrade the walls of your basements and ground floor: the paint peels off, the ceilings crumble, a deposit of salt appears …
Hydrotec offers you a solution by injection and application of a surface protection. Your walls become dry and healthy for an unlimited period. And as proof, we offer you a 30-year warranty!


Treatment of damp cellars and casings

The walls against the ground become damp from contact. Moisture and salts slowly degrade them. One solution is to create an internal casing (with or without a draining trench) and a draining membrane on the ground.
Our exclusive Hydro+ casing solution is guaranteed and has been proven since 1988.

Condensation and mould treatment

Are spots invading your walls behind the furniture, in the corners or around the windows? It is probably mould caused by condensation problems.
This may occur due to ventilation problems or insulation defects causing thermal bridges.
To effectively combat condensation and mould, Hydrotec installs a range of ventilation devices (single MCV and dual frequency DFV ventilation systems).

Elimination of dry rot and protection of the frames

A genuine calamity and danger for your home, dry rot is a fungus that develops in the presence of moisture and cellulosic material (usually untreated wood, cardboard, etc.). It particularly likes unventilated, hot, humid and dark places. In the event of an attack by dry rot, Hydrotec prepares the site, treats the fungus and proposes rehabilitation work: repair of the floors, repair of the ceilings, replacement of stairs, etc.

Cleaning and waterproofing of facades

Your facades are deteriorating due to driving rain and pollution.
The solution? Our adapted cleaning process accompanied by a water repellent treatment against moisture.
Completely colourless, this treatment will ensure your façades look neat and clean for many years.

Protection against insects and woodworm

The old carpentry and woodwork are often the prey of wood-eating insects.
Hydrotec offers a complete curative treatment for frames by applying an insecticide / fungicide to the wood.
Our solution consists of the injection and spray treatment of an insecticide-fungicide.

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