Dry rot, a dangerous fungus in our homes


Elimination de la mérule et protection des charpentes

Dry rot is a fungus that develops in the presence of moisture on different materials of cellulosic origin present in our homes: untreated woodpaper or cardboard.

During its proliferation, the dry rot feeds on the wood and spreads through the walls where it finds the mineral salts and humidity necessary for its development.

Hydrotec offers a complete and specific treatment against dry rot attack. After diagnosis and demarcation of the affected area, the cause of proliferation must before anything else be eliminated.


  • Dry rot develops mainly in poorly ventilated, dark and humid areas where its food, namely wood and its derivatives, is present.
  • It often appears due to moisture problems and leaks from various origins such as sanitary leaks, leaks from roofs, sewers, rising damp problems or moisture in cellars. Dry rot is found:
  • In humid rooms with little ventilation, in the presence of woodwork (timber or furniture, paper, cardboard): cellars, floors, staircases, door frames in contact with a damp wall, etc.
  • In the framework of old roofs: As the roofing of these roofs is damaged, the water infiltrates and moistens the woodwork, which becomes a favourable location for the proliferation of the fungus.


  • Crumbling of affected woodwork.
  • Blistering of paint on wood
  • Appearance on the surfaces of a strong-smelling fungus similar to a yellowish-brown foam surrounded by a white foam
  • Presence of whitish or grey filaments (rhizomorphs of the mycelium) several millimetres thick through wood and masonry
  • Caution: dry rot does not actually die without treatment. If appears to disappear, it can in reality survive in dormant form while awaiting the return of conditions conducive to its development (lethargy).


– To stop the destructive progression of the dry rot and thus avoid degeneration of the wood construction (in cubic rot) causing greater damage (collapse, sanitary problems, etc.)

– Our approach is global and preventive: we remove the dry rot, but also tender for the repairs and remedy some of its causes (rising damp, humidity in the cellar).

– We use products that are non-toxic to humans.

– Our products are officially recognized by the Ministry of Health.

– Hydrotec offers a 10-year guarantee on the dry rot treatment.


1. Diagnosis, identification and identification of the focus of the dry rot

  • Search for the source of the moisture source and factors causing the dry rot
  • Demarcation of the area to be treated calculated in square metres
  • Sampling and laboratory analysis of the fungus (UCL)

2. Removal of the cause of the development of the fungus:

  • Treatment of damp walls
  • Treatment of the condensation by ventilation
  • Repair of leaks by specific trades (plumbers, roofers)

3. Preparation for treatment

  • Removal and disposal of infested and adjacent wood
  • Cement stripping to masonry
  • Brushing walls to remove filaments from the surface of the wall
  • Replacement and/or reinforcement of contaminated woodwork

4. Curative treatment of the affected area

  • Staggered drilling of walls every 25 cm up to one meter beyond the affected area.
  • Injection of a non-toxic fungicide
  • Filling
  • Surface spraying of curative products

5. Treatment of woodwork next to the affected area (prevention)

  • Coating and/or injection with a combined fungicide/curative insecticide product.
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