Improved insulation due to a clean and well-protected waterproof wall


Nettoyage et hydrofugation des façades

Shortly after their construction, brick, stone and mineral plaster facades degrade due to the harmful effects of rain, frost, pollution and vegetation (mosses, lichens). It is therefore essential to waterproof facades to protect them.

Hydrotec offers the cleaning and waterproofing of your façades. Our damp proofing treatment is microporous: the wall is made impermeable to rain but not to air. Thus, water in the form of vapour can always escape from the wall.

The treated wall becomes self-cleaning: vegetation and pollution do not encrust so easily. This treatment does not change the appearance of the treated wall. This avoids the damage caused by frost to the bricks, the loosening of the joints, the appearance of cracks.

Long-lasting preservation effect: by protecting the façade, water repellence prevents premature aging. The waterproofing of the façade walls also prevents the appearance of efflorescence (white lime stains caused by carbonation of the cement).

Increased insulating capacity of the material protected by a water-repellent quality: a wall impregnated with rainwater acts as a thermal bridge that brings the cold from the outside into the interior of the house. If its walls remain dry, a building will already be a little more energy efficient.


  • On natural facades (unpainted brick, natural stone, exposed concrete, etc.) exposed to wind, rain, atmospheric and road pollution (along a busy road, for example).


  • Salts appear as white concretions on the surface of the walls.
  • Fragmentation, expansion, cracking of bricks. In the case of frost, the expansion of the water causes ruptures on the surface of the materials (bricks, blocks, joints, etc.).
  • Incrustation of mosses, lichens, algae, etc.
  • Incrustation of pollutants.


– Aesthetics: your facades recover a clean appearance.

– Self-cleaning: a treated facade no longer retains mosses or pollution. It cleans itself when it rains.

– Protection: Waterproofed bricks are less sensitive to the effects of frost.

– Conservation: the water repellence delays the aging of the substrate.

– Increased insulation of the wall: a room whose walls are very dry is easier to heat.

Hydrotec offers a 10-year warranty on the damp proofing of facades.